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Our collection of Studio pottery began when I married the brother of a fine potter  - Jane Francisca 'Fan' Blackburne, who trained with some of the best - Chelsea, the late Seth Cardew at Wenford Bridge, the potters at La Borne.


Seeing her work & meeting her talented friends started a small collection which grew into a large one. My thanks to Fan & to my long-suffering husband & son son.


The pots here are from my personal collection but many  can be purchased and we have recently decided to sell most of the collection (see Sales drop down menus above but lots will be added each week so please bear with us) Some I am afraid we can never part with but I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do. The Wenford Bridge & Winchcombe collections are treasured & include some fine Cardew pieces. If you see a photo of a pot you would like more information about or more photos of, please email via contact details below (if you double click a gallery photo the title should tell you who the pot is by)


Feedback is always appreciated . I hope you find the site interesting and maybe inspiring.



Wendy Blackburne

email:  [email protected]



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